Friday, December 14, 2012

Massacre in Connecticut...Take that Mom!

                As usual, I am one of the last to be informed of breaking news.  I saw several esoteric posts on Facebook referring to a tragedy.  Since it is winter time, and so many random acts of violence are reported every year…and I don’t watch T.V….I assumed that these posts were referring to a memorial, similar to the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007, where 32 people were killed Virginia Tech.  For a brief moment, I entertained the memorial of Columbine, except I remember that happening while I was enrolled in a military school for the SPRING semester only, December being an inappropriate month to associate spring with.

                As I am walking around and checking social media, I am becoming aware of yet another tragedy as that is what the headlines are reading.  I learned of yet another school shooting, this time preteens were amongst those dead, as well a principal, and a school psychologist.  Little more was said other then it was happening in a rural part of Connecticut, where no one believed it could happen. 

                I am becoming frustrated at the lack of information I WANTED TO KNOW!!  Initially, my points on the subject were different, but the more I thought about Virginia Tech, where many of my friends have gone, or Columbine, I started thinking about the Dark Knight Rises movie theater shooting, then I went back to Columbine again.  I continued to reflect and asked myself, what was the moral of the story the first time around?
                Events like these have occurred since time it self, no doubt…but, with access to media; semi-automatic handguns with multiple magazines; video; and instant messaging; the information is still unfolding in chronological human time.  My brain, think much faster then this, began to think about what the solution was to the first major school shooting of this type. 

                We demonized Marilyn Manson, added so many metal detectors the electric bill alone, consumed the state budget, poorly wrote, and randomly enforce stricter juvenile penal codes, and passed more gun control laws. 

                This obviously has not solved anything, or tragedies like this really won’t occur, which is definitely a tragedy in and of itself, I would argue the greater of the two.  After all that ineffective legislature, that was galvanized by mainstream journalism, Wanda Sykes, the only known human relative to Big Bird on Sesame Street, came out with a rational solution…a campaign to stop bullying.

                It was effective too, I was noticing comments voicing disapproval on the pictures I posted on my  Facebook wall.  Images of the lost society, were littered with frowney faces, and comments saying “You’re an insensitive asshole Wylie”, all from peers who bought into Wanda.  Couto’s Miss Sykes, who is probably the only person in this case the world would listen too.  I don’t know if it was the timing of her campaign, her presence, or her very voice, which reminds me of the little yellow lecturing duck that showed up one day while I was eating 'shrooms, and has since returned on random occasions that call for the opinion of a morally sound and wholesome hallucination. 

My point being,.. initially we were outraged and produced no real solution, which is only human after all.  Journalists did’t really help out either, as it quickly becomes an echo chamber of “Pete the Re-Peating Parrot” in stereo amongst the press.  Of course legislation had an easy excuse to exercise job security by passing their share of laws.  After the sting went away, manufacturers for police defense equipment made a “Justifiable Profit”, and the problem continued, again, and again.

I am now receiving news that the “alleged (and deceased) shooter” Ryan Lanza, was the son of the school teacher he murdered.  That means this guy hated his mom so much, that he killed her, the staff members, AND her whole class room.   I speculate that Ryan was probably emotionally close to the age of the children he shot.  I further speculate that this tragic event was more so then just that, it was in reality a tragic process that LED to this event…Which means IT WAS PREVENTABLE!!!! How?  I’m not claiming to have that answer, but it would make sense to me that these problems would diminish in nature, as opposed to there current augmented trend, if we as a society invested on assess like education, rather then liabilities like Criminal Justice development.  

When a zit pops up on our face,  we can squeeze the pus out and eliminate the zit, simultaneously leaving a scar, which in some cases is life long.  Often that scar will remind us of pain, anger, embarrassment, and just plain leaves us unsatisfied.  The alternative is to get acne cream and actually address the problem (oily face or dirty society?) as opposed to the symptom.

I am with you all on the sympathy, but it is always better to channel anger and sorrow in a positive solution.   Do we really have to wait another 15 years for a spokesperson to set our heads straight again…I vote for Danny de Vitto as spokesperson, should we choice to indulge our self righteous human nature vs approaching this with education and understanding as it really is better to understand then be understood.

My love SINCERELY goes out to the families.  Nothing I could say will make it better, but perhaps in time, my actions could make a difference.  God bless!!!

 While I feel that  always gives me good advice the fact that listening to someone who reminds you of a lecturing  while I was The Trench Coast Mafia (which I thought was a joke the first time I heard the name) was not the same kind of” gang “as say, a prison gang.  It was more of an outcasts safety circle, that served the same purpose of a gang none the less.  It's origins were more likely to stem from the notion of emotional preservation over physical preservation.