Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Funk You (Flavor for Yo Ear Drum)...Bootsy Collins

Bootsy Collins Getting Down!!!

                Of all the concerts I have been to, in my life (and of course NOT counting the ones I have played in)...there are a few shows that stand out in my mind...but of course, one of them stands out better then the time I saw the Smut Peddler’s play at Coconuts, in Capistrano Beach…where every single member of my Prop 36 drug-diversion class was present, and all turned out to be BIG FUCKING LIARS about their state appointed sobriety, as they would all brandishing drinks in one hand, and pipes in the other.

More memorial then watching Stanley Clark play at the Galaxy, in Santa Ana, CA, where members of my swing band and I all car pooled with me, driving my 1985 Volkswagon Vanagon...then rendezvousing with another driver…ariving at the show entirely too early, and had to sit through an awful opening band, with was comprised of 9 musicians, and one of them was tambourine player, who never learned what the word "tacit" or "rest", or "just shut the fuck up and stop playing that God awful creation" meant.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Gonzo Valentine

We here at Team Gonzo stand behind education 100%, especially education of the arts...
Where those be fine arts or street arts.  Here is a collection of video's featuring me playing jazz music, this alludes to the post I'm working on, called "A Purpose Driven Life".  Enjoy...the world of art is infinite!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Face of Gonzo - An Outlaw Journalist and his Lawyer

It appears Hunter S. Thompson and I have much in common...and much like he and I are crazy, we both have best friends who are lawyers.  Here is an account of Nick and I reuniting after the 15 years I spent in prison (yes...we all felt it was strange to sentance a 15 year old to 15 years at Pelicon Bay State Prison, but they gave me two free pencils and a female inmates booking number, so I did not complain)

------Wylie O'Rylie