Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Short Anecdote about Jesus Junkie

                We here at Team Gonzo thoroughly believe in education, and stand behind it 100% of the time.  Religion and spirituality are always very personal and touchy in nature.  Team Gonzo also supports an individual’s right to make up his or her mind based on whatever it is that they choose to believe or not believe.  Not endorsing nor opposing atheism, agnosticism, or any theological religion in any form, Team Gonzo just believes in saying it like it is, and exploring the thoughts and feelings of the adventurer on their quest in life.

                This is a short story of Timmy O’Doul, a native Irishman from the County of Monahan, who immigrated when he was 7 to Washington D.C.  Timmy got too drunk at Patty’s Pub one night and lost his wallet which-had his rent money in it.  Already being several weeds late with rent, Timmy surrendered his apartment, guitar in hand, destination 711.  While strumming out Purple Haze, was approached by a non-denominational Christian and recruited into a church style living situation complete with prayer and charitable works of mercy.

                   Poor Timmy, coming from an Irish Catholic background, felt it was all to strange and just plain fucking weird to stop and hold hands for 15 minute long prayers, that occurred at least 7 times a day, and although were comforting in nature, were frequently said in “tongues” and felt less and less about the principles of prayer, and more and more about showing off to everyone that prayer was now a part of life.

                  Timmy was not asked many questions about his faith by the others, as when ever the topic of conversation would go in that direction, poor Timmy would experience a poignant truth in life that no one cares about his personal beliefs if they don’t match up with theirs.  Timmy remained misunderstood, alienated, and eventually accused of being the Devil himself, because of his preference to jazz music over “Christian Music” like Creed.

                Like Tina the Trollop (which is a much larger story) Jesus Junkie will be released in phases or chapters welcoming all comments and criticism along the way.  Please try your best not to feel offended, but if you do take comfort in knowing that I too feel offended. I present Jesus Junkie... Enjoy!!!

                Wylie O’ Rylie