Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Words from Wylie

          Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Tonight, i am grateful for this laptop i am writing you from, I am grateful for family, friends, food, and fun.  I am grateful for the Holy Spirit that runs in us all, I am grateful for God and his mysterious works of mercy.  I am grateful of good times, i am grateful of bad times.  I am grateful that i may stand through hell and be able to look back and laugh, and if not able to learn a lesson the first time, upon the umpteenth billionth time I may figure it out. I'm grateful for joy, I'm grateful for sorrow, I'm grateful for the way Dexter Gordon plays his horn on "I'll Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry".  I'm grateful for my life, for my experiences, travels, and education, both book and street. I'm grateful for those who love me, and for those who have had patience and understanding with me.

        So......I found a few gems in my laptop and said "Gee self, I bet realistically dem things is gonna sit around and collect dust.  You ain't gonna finish that."  Shut up self...gosh your such an idiot sometime, I can do it with the help of others. "Your high again arn't ya?!" Nope, clean as a whistle, check it out, if i publish a little bit of this story (a short story) and ask my fans to help me write it, we will get it done in no time.

      Did you follow that?  I'm going to post a little bit of this story, it's titled, "Tina the Trollop", an epic tale of a young mans 25 birthday, when he befriends the company of a call girl, or "professional lady" named Tina, who is twice his age, twice as fucked up, and twice as loud and obnoxious as our hero.  Although embarrassing and recklessly jeopardising our hero's safety and health, our hero is enticed by lavish gifts from the whore, and her seemingly endless harem of harlots.  Our hero finds him self simultaneously in the hands of the law and has a draconian probation officer with a mark for him.  Follow us on a quest for adventure, starting sometime next week, at a blogspot near you, well, mine specifically

   So i want you all to post your comments here and let me know how you want this story to develop.  For those of you who were actually there or actually know, FUCK OFF!!! No just kidding, tell me what ever you feel like, how else can we grow?  So to everyone I love you, goodnight!