Friday, November 30, 2012

A quick word about "Tina the Trollop"

Hello everyone, Wylie O'Rylie here.  This story is based off a transitional time in my life when I lived in Capistrano Beach.  All characters are based on real people (if you think its you just ask). All names have been changed to protect their identities.  People like Bob, John, Mark etc are just used as common names, so all the real Bob's, John's and Mark's can relax (sorry Christa and Danuta, your both shit out of luck and I could care less about your reputations, your names shall remain as is)...No I'm just kidding, I would never waste my time writing about my psychotic ex-girlfriends (or would I?....MWAAAA really)

So, in addition to this Gonzo tale being "truthy" I'd like to ask YOU MY READERS to help me.  Post your thoughts and feelings about this piece.  I promise that I will at the very least, take a concept of yours, and write it into the story.  This tale shall unfold, but it does already have a written ending, so lets create some art..I will either post 5 pages every week or every other week.  So, in much anticipated joy, I present to you..............