Saturday, November 9, 2013

We here at Team Gonzo...

            We here at Team Gonzo, have no idea, but through the spontaneous art of improvised story, how to bring any meaning to this world.  As the lead writer here, I started this blog sometime last year, only at the advice of my best friend, and my ex-fiancé.  Having always had a colorful mind, and rich and unique experiences that transpired into spontaneous, and hilarious stories…frequently told with comradely and beer…I have noticed that we as human beings all poses some intrinsic value.

            I have noticed through my adventures, that if I took the time to understand some one, I usually could learn how to explain things, so that they began to understand me.  This truth I have experienced will defiantly propel me into some concept essays of the future.  Back to the crude and tasteless shit you all love to read.

            So am I just really fucking crazy?  Have an over exaggerated criminal mentality?  Take too many random… (And FREE) drugs?  Publically pronounce my self “The Street Urchin”?  Who knows if I’m making all this shit up and I’m really an Indonesian diplomat pretending to write as Wylie O’Rylie?  For those who know me better then others…the answerers should be obvious…but this is Gonzo, so maybe it was memories of a dream so powerful one swears that was real?

            The goal here is to tell the truth like it really is…THE REAL TRUTH!!! Not just a story about some crazy shit that may or may not have happened (due to legal, social, and moral reasons) but the real lesson deep down inside…the crux of the biscuit.

Many of us (as an example) have experienced a fight with our “better half” (which would imply we are the shitty half).  Apologies, honey moon, another fight.  If we take a moment an honestly evaluate the even, and admitted our place in it, TO OUR MOTHER FUCKING SELVES…there would be quite a different story, because, we all know that the “Truth is stranger then any fiction”.

Having said that, you all have a great weekend, I’m going camping…someplace where I won’t get arrested.  Gonzo Journalism…stories so fake, they just might be real...and here is a Gonzo video for your viewing pleasure.