Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celestial Trinity

A full moon in the sky,
and a child was born,
then a goddess gave me life,
to a world rife with scorn
she raised me with nurture, she held me in her arms,
bestowed me with her knowledge of the evils was alarmed,
like a well running deep
taught me passion I should reap, if I know it, show it, hold it, touch it, drink it, feel lit, love it, know it
Goddess of my world, she's my holy mother pearl
In lunar blankets praises, in solar showers raised, from birth I felt the sickness, with your aegis won the fight, you did your best to raise me, the word was in your voice,
mother you're my Goddess, my Goddes, gave me life
a boy must start his journey, I left the light by choice

Holy Trinity of Females, the apples of my eye
in tender teaching I found life
your loves so deep it makes me cry
these tears are not of sorrow, they are vessels full of joy
I cherish every one of you, and in your prayers I will not die

The daughter fell before me,
By chance one night we met
She mused me with her teachings
The word of love is what she said
her voice was like a swansong,
the sound was of a flute

My eyes were opened to a world of poetry and dancing lutes,
a seed of passion planted reap a passion in my heart,
and to this day I miss you in my soul we'll never part
you bore the burden of the cross,
you took it to the grave
you are a martyr of my love and in the end my life you saved
at times its hard to see it but the word is in your name,
Victoria spells Victory like Christ you'r not to blame
So thank you for your time and love your friendship was so true,
I would not be the me today if I had not met you

Holy Trinity of Females, the apples of my eye
you each showed me a form of love with grace I won't deny
The Goddess brought me life, the daughter showed me love,
 the Spiritess dwells inside me, my angel from above

For fifteen years I grieved,
from the Shepard I did stray,
destitute I wondered til she picked me up one day,
her eyes did burn with passion,
her spirit helped me cope,
her voice was like a lullaby she sang a song called "hope"
the spiritess enthralled me like the change from dark to light,
and now my souls on fire with a purpose driven life,
this passion stirs within me and with every one I meet
I gotta share the story of the love I want to keep,
I feel her spirit muse me, faith leads me on the path
between the 3 I can't go wrong my heart is healed at last
so thank you holy Spiritess your blessing from above,
thanks for your friendships, faith and warmth and mercy and your love

Holy Trinity of females, the apples of my eye
the objects of affection, with tears of joy I cry
I cherish everyone of you I say it from my heart
Your love and passion raised a man it gave me a fresh start

*Written to my Mom (the Goddess)
                        Tori   (the Daughter)
                        Vanessa (the Holy Spiritess)